Who we are

My name is Valter BATTISTONI and I am dealing with prevention of wildlife strikes since 1994.

As a Director of important Italian airports, I experienced first-hand the problem of the wildlife hazard, especially birds.

I was firstly appointed member of the Bird Strike Committee Italy, at that time part of the Civil Aviation General Directorate (Ministry of Transport), and then I held the post of Chairman of that body from 2001 to 2006, after it was incorporated in the new-established ENAC(Civil Aviation Authority).

I represented Italy in many national and international forums and made several presentations at meetings. I also have to my credit a number of publications.

Later on, having retired, I carried on studying and researching as well as working on occasional freelance consultancy activity for public and private entities.

In the year 2007 I opened this website.

Among the most important works carried out, I would mention the appointment as ENAC consultant, both at first instance and on appeal, in the civil trial following the Antonov An124 incident at Genoa airport (1997), and the advices provided to the law firm Gates & Partners of London in relation to two major air accidents caused by bird strike.

I am member of the World Birdstrike Association and enrolled in the roster of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) experts of the Technical Co-operation Programme as "Bird Strike Consultant".

I am also a member of the Scientific Counsel of the Italian Centro Studi STASA (Air Transport, Advanced Systems, Safety and Environment).

I maintain continuous contacts with leading experts in the field of the interactions between wildlife and aviation on a global level, and I am able to provide,if required,technical advice in the assessment and supervision of the bird dispersal systems effectiveness, in the technical assistance in case of legal problems after a bird strike, and in the organization and training of the personnel assigned to the bird control service.