Airport safety

Airport safety is the raison d’etre of our activity. Beyond the traditional study of internal attracting factors and the best bird dispersal means, the current Italian regulation opens a new scenario over the airport safety implications arising from external human settlements and activities.

Actually, the CAA will have to assess, and in some cases authorize, all the new human activities in those areas bordering on airports that have been previously identified and subjected to restrictions. This is valid even for existing activities which may attract birds, whose owners may receive evacuation or demolition orders, or simply be forced to relocate elsewhere.

We are referring in particular to landfills, garbage dumps, but also farming and manufacturing industries.

We can provide consultancy for municipalities, local authorities or private owners who want to assess the impact of their settlements with regard to air navigation safety, or set up a wildlife control and dispersal programme that can make the settlement compatible with a near airport.

In the sametime, we are able to support airport operators in the assessment of the wildlife strike hazard coming from external settlements, in order to request a possible CAA authoritative intervention.