Training and counselling

Hiring external experts may be the airport optimal response to address new or unforeseen needs. In the long run, however, the need comes to have in-house know-how and resources, in human and material terms.

We are able to train the existing human resources to directly carry out prevention programmes, bird dispersal and wildlife management in general.

The training is specifically targeted to the airport staff with "tailor-made" programs for all the needs and in function of the wildlife location and features.

Furthermore, the market offers a variety of methods and products for the bird dispersal from the operational areas of airports. We are able to support the airport operators in identifying the most appropriate methods according to the environmental characteristics and a cost-benefit perspective and to assist them during their employment and result assessment.

In the event of claims for damage compensation resulting from wildlife strikes, we can support the defendant in Court, providing qualified consulting in all the trial stages.