Problematic sites

Landfill Management

The management of urban household waste is a problem itself, as recent media reports show.
Furthermore, landfills are very often located in thinly populated areas but close to civil or military airports. They become a real “free open-air supermarket” for many bird species that usually find in them an easy answer to their need of food.

In this way, a dangerous flight pattern arises,as birds fly from the usual night roosting places to the landfills, and vice versa, that very often leads birds to cross the runways or their extensions: in other words, they may interfere with the airplane tracks.

We can provide suitable bird mitigation programmes at landfills, in order to stop that multiplying mechanism that leads the birds to consider safe and attractive a site where many other birds are settled, thanks also to almost never-ending food availability,so exponentially increasing their number.
Of course, we can also make risk assessments in case of new plants, or identify a better location in safer places.